As part of every build, we provide a full design service, creating a bespoke wine cellar or cigar room that fulfils your every need. We start the design process by meeting with you in your home to discuss your needs and walk you through the various options that could transform your space. We'll look at how you want to use your wine cellar or cigar room today, as well as how you might want to use it in the future, ensuring the longevity of its benefits.

We ask clients to provide samples or imagery of their planned interior design theme which we can forward to our designers. This allows us to integrate your choice of colours and finishes into a 3D rendered image so you can visualise the final design in your home. By creating a digital copy of the project, you can make any adjustments to your bespoke wine cellar or humidor before we begin work.

We can usually start manufacturing your bespoke wine cellar within 5-6 weeks of finalising your design. The majority of our custom wine cellars are completed within 4-8 weeks.

How To Design A Bespoke Wine Cellar

ExTerra Veritas experts excel at designing bespoke wine cellars, combining your vision with our skills to create a personalised wine display worthy of your collection. Some of the key considerations we’ll discuss as part of the design process are:

The Best Location For Wine Storage

You can store wine almost anywhere in your home with professional wine cellar installation from ExTerra Veritas. We can change any room to meet your needs using suitable cooling units and insulation. However, the location you choose for your bespoke wine storage will have an impact on the overall running operating costs, so one of our wine cellar specialists will walk you through your options and any factors to consider.

The Right Conditions For A Home Wine Cellar

The majority of wine should be kept in a dark location with humidity of 50-70% and a temperature of 7-18°C. You can boost the energy efficiency of your cellar by choosing a spot in your home that is close to these conditions naturally. Underground wine cellars remain the best choice for this reason, with many homeowners renovating existing basement areas or retrospectively adding them later.

Other Considerations For Custom Wine Cellars

An underground cellar may be the best way to capitalise on a cooler atmosphere, but there is more to consider than just air temperature. When building a wine cellar in London, especially in the city's central districts, vibration levels also need to be taken into account. Underground movement or even loud noise might disturb the sediment in your wine, affecting how it tastes. Again, our experts will talk you through this and build vibration resistance into your bespoke cellar if needed.

How To Design A Home Cigar Room

Our process for designing a home smoking room is very similar to the process for designing a bespoke wine cellar, in that we begin with a visit to your home. The first step in designing a home cigar room is deciding on its location. Our consultant can help you identify the best area of your home, using our knowledge of construction to narrow down your options. For example, while a room on an upper level with an external wall is the easiest for application, this may not suit the way you want to use the room. A basement room may provide that “retreat” you crave, but it will prove more expensive to install adequate ventilation. No option is out of the picture, it’s simply a case of finding the right solution for you and your home.

Cigar Room Ventilation

Ventilation for an in-home cigar room is top of the list for designing a functional space, and nothing is better for the task than a purpose-built ventilation system. Unlike exhaust fans that only remove some of the stale air, or air circulation units that push smoke around, a ventilation system removes the smoke and pumps clean, filtered air into your room. We work with iClimate Solutions to provide a system that suits the needs of your build, whether that’s an underground cigar room or a cellar with integrated cigar storage.

Cigar Room Finishes and Furniture

Soft furnishings such as curtains and rugs can absorb the scent of cigar smoke, eventually leading to a stale, unappealing smell in your home. Our installations use hard surfaces, such as wood panelling and stone countertops which don’t absorb smoke as readily as other, more porous surfaces. When furnishing your cigar room, we recommend investing in leather upholstery and opting for window blinds over curtains, both of which will require less maintenance.

Get your Cigar Room or Home Wine Cellar underway by reaching out today.