A Home Cigar Room is an excellent option for displaying your cigar collection in a spare bedroom or alternative space that is otherwise unused. Equipped with an airtight door, Home Cigar Rooms are fully fitted with precise ventilation, temperature and humidity control, custom-designed by our team of HVAC specialists.  This ensures your prized cigars are kept in peak condition without risk of drying out or being exposed to damp. 

Want to do more than simply display and store your cigars? Incorporate a smoking area within your Home Cigar Room and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Our purpose-built ventilation system removes smoke and pumps clean, filtered air into your room for total peace of mind.

Is a Home Cigar Room right for you?

Undoubtedly, the number one factor that stands between our customers and their dream Home Cigar Room is location. Size is rarely an issue, with box rooms and dressing rooms just as viable for conversion as a larger space, but the location of the room is more important. For example, while a room on an upper level that has an external wall is the easiest to convert into a Home Cigar Room, it may be too out of the way for you to truly enjoy. While a basement room may provide that “retreat” you crave, it will prove more expensive to install adequate ventilation.

Our consultant can help you identify the best area of your home, using our knowledge of construction to narrow down your options.

Home Cigar Room Design Features

With every aspect of the build custom-made to your specifications, there are endless possibilities for the layout and design of your Home Cigar Room. Here are just a few of the design features that we offer:

  • Linear or pitched cigar display
  • Lower shelving for case storage
  • Joinery in soft or hardwood
  • Choice of colour and finish
  • Concealed LED lighting
  • Mirrored or coloured acrylic backdrops
  • Plain or fabric-lined shelving

Speak to one of our consultants today to begin your project.

The Design Process

We begin the design process with an in-home consultation to discuss your needs and talk you through the range of options that are possible for your space. Whether you have a clearly defined vision for the build, or would like some guidance from our team, our consultant is on hand to make the process seamless and stress-free from start to finish.

Following our initial consultation, you will be provided with an estimated cost for the project and asked if you’d like to proceed to the next stage. Then, we’ll get to work creating a 3D rendered image, allowing you to better visualise how the final design will look in your home and request any necessary changes.

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