Home Wine Rooms are a fantastic option for displaying a wide collection of wines in a central location. Often installed near the kitchen, either as part of a renovation, extension or new build, Home Wine Rooms are fitted with an air-tight door and ventilation system in order to offer precision temperature and humidity control.

Due to the entire room being maintained through a central HVAC system, many of our clients choose to store a combination of red and white wine, spirits, and even cigars in their Home Wine Room, with the temperature set at 14℃. This promotes the longevity of everything stored within while keeping both cigars and corks free of humidity.

Do you have champagne within your wine collection? No problem. Our Wine Rooms can also be fitted with a built-in Eurocave Wine Fridge that allows you to store champagne or keep white wine at a ready-to-drink temperature.

Is a Home Wine Room the right choice for your project?

A Home Wine Room is ideal for those with varied collections, as the space can be tailored to meet the needs of multiple varietals, spirits and cigars. Providing we can install an air conditioning system to the room, which requires outside space for the condenser unit, a Home Wine Room can be fitted in any area of your home.

While structural walls cannot be altered in Listed Buildings, partition walls are allowed to be installed, so often a Home Wine Room can be created through the partitioning of a kitchen, larder or corridor.

Home Wine Room Design Features

The flexible nature of a Bespoke Wine Room allows us to completely customise the features to your exact specifications. Whether you want to incorporate a show-stopping display for a prized bottle, or need storage for large quantities of wine, we will work with you to create the perfect solution.

  • Climate control system
  • Linear, pigeon hole or pitched bottle storage
  • Cross box for bulk storage
  • Lower shelving for case storage
  • Joinery in soft or hardwood
  • Choice of colour and finish
  • Concealed LED lighting
  • Mirrored or coloured acrylic backdrops
  • Plain or fabric-lined shelving

Wine fridges come complete with touch screen temperature and humidity display, bottle cradles to reduce vibration and full glass, glass integrated or solid doors. Using custom panelling, the wine fridge can integrate seamlessly into your Home Wine Room.

These are just a small selection of options you can choose from when designing your Home Wine Room. Speak to one of our consultants today to begin your project.

The Design Process

We begin the design process with an in-home consultation to discuss your needs and talk you through the range of options that are possible for your space. In order to future-proof your wine fridge or wine cellar, we’ll explore how you plan to use it now, but also how you may wish to use it in the future.

Following our initial consultation, we will provide you with an estimated cost of the project. Should you wish to proceed, we will create a 3D rendered image, allowing you to better visualise how the final design will look in your home and request any necessary changes.

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