London Cellar and Humidor Installers

ExTerra Veritas is the creation of Adam Ali, a London entrepreneur with a passion and appreciation for fine wine. Having run a successful HVAC business over the last ten years that saw him install custom ventilation and heating systems in luxury London homes, ExTerra Veritas was a natural progression for Adam. Combining his expertise in air quality and high-end installations with his love of wine, his venture offers London homeowners the ultimate luxury home wine cellars and cigar rooms.

As a London based business with a wealth of experience in luxury properties, we understand the unique obstacles presented by British buildings. Unlike homes in France, Spain and other parts of the Old World, storage of wine has not been traditionally considered in house design, so creating an environment suitable for cellaring or displaying wine can be a challenge. Whether the issue is access, layout or location, we specialise in finding solutions for the most difficult of homes.

A Team You Can Trust

Our team is hand-selected for their experience and ability to execute a project to the highest standard. As well as being expert craftspeople and masters of their trade, the ExTerra Veritas team are passionate about providing the luxury finish that is synonymous with our work. From the initial consultation to electrical installation and cabinetry, every step of the process is undertaken in our own facility by a member of our team.

For wine cellar builders in London, you simply won’t find better than ExTerra Veritas.