Custom Cigar Room Ideas

Already a popular addition to many luxury American homes, home cigar rooms and humidors are growing in popularity within the UK and in London in particular. Here, we showcase some of our most popular options, offering inspiration for your own bespoke humidor or cigar room. From standalone cigar rooms to incorporating cigar storage within a home wine cellar, our team will help you design the perfect solution for your space.

Cigar Storage For Avid Collectors

Walk-In Humidor

A versatile space that both displays your cigar collection and stores it at the perfect humidity and temperature.

Home Cigar Room

Utilise your space to its full potential with a home cigar room for storage or entertaining guests.

Luxury Home Smoking Room

Enjoy the finer things in life from a dedicated room of your home, customised to your exacting standards.

Humidor Ideas For Small Spaces

Cigar Humidor Displays

No space? Think again. Incorporate a bespoke cigar humidor display on a wall or unused space of your home.

What Is A Humidor?

A humidor is a safe storage space for your cigars and is an integral part of any home smoking room or cigar display. While traditional humidors are fairly simple wooden boxes designed to maintain a stable level of humidity, technology has allowed us to create superior humidors for home or commercial use.

Using premium HVAC systems provided by iClimate Solutions, the ExTerra Veritas team custom-build humidors with full temperature and humidity control. Whether incorporated within a Home Smoking Room or as a visually-appealing Cigar Humidor Display on a wall of your home, a bespoke humidor is a must for any collector.

Design Your Bespoke Cigar Storage

Start designing your custom home cigar storage with the ExTerra Veritas team. Our Cigar Humidor Design Service begins at your premises, where a consultant will help to cement your ideas into reality, taking note of relevant measurements and requirements. Next, your customised design will undergo 3D rendering, so you can better visualise how the cigar room or humidor will look in your home.

The cost of our design service will be credited against the project cost once your order has been placed.

Flexible Cigar Storage Installation

Whether creating a bespoke cigar room during the first fix of your build or retrofitting as part of a modernisation project, we work flexibly to meet your needs. We can liaise with your architect, project manager or other consultants in order to ensure everything runs as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch today to book your initial consultation and get the first step of your luxury cigar storage project underway.